Thailand 5G Ecosystem Innovation Center


What is Thailand 5G EIC ?

Thailand's 5G Ecosystem Innovation Center is jointly established by Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) and Huawei Technologies (Thailand)

Positioning as 5G ecosystem incubation and digital innovation development accelerator, 5G EIC provide full function of partner development and enhancing talent competitiveness to drive sustainable digital economy that align to Digital Thailand 4.0 strategy.

Currently, there are a wide range of global and local partners joined: global: eg. Corewell, Pico, Quetel, Neolix, Telchina) and local: eg. Gravitech, FIBO, HIP and Chula.

5G EIC Logo is design by concept of Thailand Digital Transformation which expect to integrate hundreds of partner join in couple years and drive Thailand Digital Economic to be leader in ASEAN

The establishment of the 5G EIC will speed up the full use of digital technology, especially in the knowledge-sharing through trainings and workshops led by world-class specialists, in order to incubate Thailand’s digital workforce which is an important foundation for the country’s development.”

Thailand 5G EIC

5G EIC Key Functions & Operations

5G EIC Key
5G Talent Development and Enablement

Provide wide range of 5G training courses lectured by specialists with rich global experiences.

5G EIC Key
Solution Development

Joint development, advance partner’s innovation based on focused industry projects to meet requirements of focused industry projects

5G EIC Key
Business Development

Create business opportunities in both local and global market through partner ecosystem network. Encourage partners to commercialize their innovations by providing both online and offline brand promotion channels.

Online 5G EIC

Online 360° virtualize Thailand 5G Ecosystem Innovation Center

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Visiting Booking

Reserve 5G EIC exhibition center to learn 5G insight and experience use cases in 5G era in various industries both in 2C and 2B application

5G EIC Visitor Access Regulations


Success Introduction Case

Partner Information

Explore technologial advancement through joint development and expand business opportunity to commercialize innovation in both local and global market through partner ecosystem network.

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Partner Benefits

Function Service Public Partner
5G Talent Development and Enablement Training service by industry specialists
Visit Thailand 5G EIC Exhibition hall for 5G use cases demonstration
Solution Development Access to RF shielded rooms, 5G network and Cloud service facility
Joint Innovation Integration & Verification Service.
5G technical expert support for project collaboration
Business Development Ecosystem partner development
Online/Offline Branding promotion service

Training Program

Participate in a wide range of 5G training program lectured by industry specialists with rich global experience


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Thailand 5G Ecosystem Innovation Center (5G EIC)
2nd Floor, 80 Lat Phrao 4 Alley, Chom Phon, Chatuchak,Bangkok 10900
Phone Number
086-326-8935, 087-455-4654

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